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On the Bostonnais River c.1880-5

Technique: watercolour & ink

Dimensions: 12.25 x 4.5 in.


In the summer of 1884 O’Brien sketched along the St. Lawrence River, he also travelled up the St. Maurice River on a canoe trip with Frederick Pollock and his wife (the Bostonnais River is a tributary of the St. Maurice). He was collecting drawings for a proposed article in Harper’s Magazine. O’Brien completed and sent his finished drawings to Pollock in May of 1885, and although he was paid for them, the images were never published.

Similar works from the canoe trip include Falls of the Bostonnais River, Quebec, 1886 in the collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario; Grandemere Falls, St. Maurice River, 1885; and Explorers, 1885 both illustrated in Lucius O’Brien: Visions of Victorian Canada.

About the Artist

Lucius O’Brien (1832 – 1899) Lucius O’Brien was born in Shanty Bay, Ontario. He attended the Upper Canada College in Toronto. He received training in Architecture but was self-taught as a painter. O’Brien was vice president of OSA from 1873 to 1880 and became the first president of the RCA in 1880 and remained at this position for ten years. He traveled to the Rockies to paint, initially as a missionary, and later under funding from the Canadian Pacific Railway. “A Dictionary of Canadian Artists” Colin S. MacDonald. 1968. “Early Painters and Engravers of Canada” J. Russell Harper. 1970.
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